5 Aerobic Myths that you should know


Some people’s beliefs are actually myth, and they not aware that it is not true. So, let’s expose the top 5 aerobic myths.


Aerobic exercise is not the only exercise you need to lose weight
Aerobic exercise is not the only exercise you need to lose weight

Myth #1: Aerobic exercise is all that you need to lose weight

The truth: Aerobics exercise together with a restricted diet is not enough to help you maintain lean body mass and lose weight. In general, when the body does not have enough lean body mass then the metabolic rate is slower.

The result: if you stop your routine, then you are probably going to gain more weight.

The solution: Have a fitness trainer develop an exercise program that combines aerobics with strength training so that you could develop long lean muscles.

Myth #2: The more sweat you have as you exercise the more body fat you lose

The truth: Exercising in extreme heat condition will help you lose weight. However, there is a consequence. You will lose a lot of body fluid, which might result to fainting.

The result: As already stated above, this condition is dangerous since you are going to lose many body fluid. It would be hard to control the body temperature when you exercise on this condition.

The solution: If you want to have your workout in such extreme condition then weight first before starting with your exercise routine. After, you are finished with your routine then weight yourself again. For every pound you lose, you need to drink 16 ounces of water in an hour.

Myth #3: spot reduction

The truth: This is one of the most popular myths since trainer like to use it to make money from their clients. However, this is further from the truth since exercising one part of the body will only make it bigger. If you want to reduce a part of your body then exercise different parts of the body as it would help you to burn more fat. As the body burns more fat then it burns fats on all parts of the body.

Myth #4: Muscles becomes fat the moment you stop exercising regularly

The truth: Muscles and fat are two different things, so it is impossible for muscle to turn to fat. If you are not using your muscle, then it would reduce its size. Since muscles burns fat, the body stops burning fat if it has less muscle. That is why a person becomes fatter if they do not have muscle.

Myth #5: It is hard to lose weight

The truth: According to some statistics, around 1/3 of all men and ½ of all women are dieting to lose weight. Most of them lose weight, but the challenge lies with weight control.

The solution: do not go into dieting since it is the wrong approach. It will only lead to starvation, which will let you crave more food.

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