Why Hypnosis has the potential to help people gain weight?


If there are some people who don’t want to be fat, there are others that don’t want to be skinny. Both conditions are as bad as the other because it can affect people’s health.

By using hypnosis, hypnotherapist can tell the body to grow bigger
By using hypnosis, hypnotherapist can tell the body to grow bigger

Fat people wish that they can become like their skinny friends that never seems to have a problem eating more as their body will never become fat how much they eat. However, that is not true as skinny people are just very active that they tend to burn all the calories they eat for the day. Whereas those who are fat tend to live a sedentary lives wherein they just sit and work all day in their office desk.

Metabolism and genetics are two different things and have little to do with healthy weight gain. Obviously, fat and thin people have different body types. But a person does not have to be genetically gifted or be highly athletic just to gain more weight.

With all respect to both types of people, the ability to relax regularly is essential to building a fit and healthy body. People who can’t add more weight just need to reduce their activity and conserve their energy.

If you want to add some weight, you need to condition your mind first. This does not meant psychological approach to food and nutrition. It takes more than that to successfully gain weight.

The thing is that most skinny people think that they are underweight so the body gets used to that fact. Their body won’t be adding more pounds since the mind tells the body that it should not grow anymore. The subconscious mind holds the secret to gaining weight.

With the help of hypnosis techniques, we can programme our mind the way we want it to be, thus telling the body that you want to add weight. One that you programmed the mind, it will be easier to gain weight.

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