Weight Gain for kids


Some parents may notice that their toddler is not gaining weight as fast that other kids do. This article explains why it happens and gives advice on what parents need to do if their kids don’t gain weight anymore.

Weight gain for kids
Weight gain for kids

The first thing that should be done upon sign that your kids is not growing anymore is to evaluate their food. Make sure that they are getting the right amount of nutrients and calories essential for their growth. The food pyramid will guide you to ensure that you can give your child the right nutrition their body needs to gain weight and grow.

After ensuring that your kid gets the right nutrition, you should also keep in mind that there will be a day when your kid will not eat some food that you give them. Do some research about nutritious food and how you can incorporate them in your child’s diet and you will ensure that your child will gain weight. Try mixing cheese, beans, nuts, wheat germ and cooked chopped meat in your recipes so you can add more calories.

Another excellent source of calorie is peanut butter. Normally, peanut butter in a slice bread would be enough, but if you want to make sure that your child will eat it, try to make some experiment with it. You can try to make some dip made from peanut butter so you can satisfy your child’s taste bud every time. Another option you can try is avocado. Most parents would add some milk and make a juice out of them, but if you want to experiment then you can try adding them to sandwich.

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