People lie when it comes to their diet

Lying is just is a person’s way of depending himself from other people that might do him harm in one way or another. And this also applies when it come to their health problems when being interviewed by doctors. Most people do this so that they may appear righteous in the eyes of their doctors.

Most people don't tell the truth about their diet
Most people don’t tell the truth about their diet

Kusum Ailawadi, a professor of Marketing at Tuck have a way of knowing if the person is lying or not – at least when it comes to their diet. Ailawadi and her colleagues conducted a research about the bad habit wherein they base the information on several years of household food purchases from a marketing database that follow what people buy at the store by means of scanning their groceries with a home device.

Researchers compared the data they collected with other data with other people with the same health status. What researchers’ found out is that there is a connection between factors such as income, food price, self-control, and health knowledge and the nutritional quality of their food purchases. Researchers do admit that the data are not accurate and they want to know more about purchasing behavior.

The researchers also noted that the difference in purchasing behavior between a household with one of its member with diabetes and a household with no diabetic member. Diabetes is a cardio disease that is link with obesity.

Based on the survey conducted by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the number of Diabetic American has reached 20.9 million in the last 30 years. Most of the cases were all Type 2 diabetes, not including the tens of millions more Americans that are pre-diabetic. This is the same reason why New York City bans Trans fats and sugary drinks.

Some of the findings were given since all you need is common sense to know it. Families that are highly educated are less likely to buy fatty and sugary foods compared with other families. However, price is another factor that prevents most family from buying healthy food. Other families with diabetic members try to limit the sugar in their food. However, most people that practices healthy lifestyle eats fast-food or having a late-night snack. Those people with better control limit their budget on unhealthy food. Nonetheless, they eat more healthy food to make up for all the food that they didn’t eat.

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