Truck Drivers and Unhealthy Lifestyle

One of the hardest jobs in this world must be a truck driver. Imagine working with no regular schedules, poor eating habits, and countless hours of driving. In the US alone, there are more than 1.2 million companies, employing truck drivers to ship their goods, and every year these companies employ 3.9 millions to get the job done. Clearly, the trucking business is one of the largest businesses in the US. Millions of packages get shipped all over the United States.

A truck driver has a hard time a time following a healthy lifestyle because of their jobs
A truck driver has a hard time a time following a healthy lifestyle because of their jobs

Of course, we expect that these drivers get the time needed to recuperate, but that is not true. A truck driver can only rest for 10 hours, once that is finished then they need to make another delivery. However, 10 hours of rest isn’t enough since there are many things that you need to do like eat, brush your teeth, take a bath and spend time with your family. As if that is all a truck driver encounter on a day to day routine, they also spend half to four hours just to unload all their items. That is the reason; most of them only get roughly fours of sleep every night. And we all know that fours of sleep are not enough to have a fully functional body.

Added to that is their unhealthy diet, which is composed of fast food on most truck stops. These stops never did serve healthy meals as they just want to make some quick bucks. Truck drivers can only afford to spend a small amount of time to eat and sleep between delivery and shipments, all of which amounting to ten hours. That is the reason why they opt for quick bites to fill their stomachs. And all of these are taking its toll on the truck driver, which can be seen on their waistline. Most of the truck drivers that you can see are overweight because of the unhealthy lifestyle they are forced to live. As we all know, being overweight causes several problems like a heart attack, and other serious illnesses. While there are some tests that truck drivers needed to pass to be accepted, they can’t keep up with a healthy lifestyle once they are on the road because of their job


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