How to help maintain your Wife’s Healthy Lifestyle while Pregnant?

Some pregnant mothers often crave for unusual food such as ice cream during pregnancy. You have to remember that your wife should not eat it while carrying your child. This would be detrimental for the baby since the baby needs get nutrients from the mother. If you let your wife eat ice cream, then what do you think would the baby get?

A pregnant mother should maintain a healthy lifestyle
A pregnant mother should maintain a healthy lifestyle

It is important to consider the amount of food that your wife must eat. They are eating for two, but it does not mean that they should double the regular portion that they are eating. Experts believe that a pregnant mother only needs 300 calories per day – enough for the two of them. Also remember not to let your wife starved or it might affect the baby. Not getting enough calorie would lead to your body breaking down the stored fats that may produce ketones or sugar in the blood of the expecting mother. This can be carried from the mother to the child, which might result retardation for your child.

Give them nutritious foods that are high in vitamins and mineral so that your baby would be normal when it comes out of the mother’s womb. The three nutrients that are most needed by an expectant mother are calcium, folic acid, and iron. These nutrients are present in the prenatal vitamins.

Folic acids help protect the baby from neural tube disorders or more commonly known as spina bifida. Spina bifida is a condition where a part of the spinal column is exposed. You should give your wife some foods that are high in calcium since pregnancy is the time that the body is forming its bones. Iron needed to carry oxygen all through the blood. The baby gets its air from the blood stream since they are inside the womb of their mother.

If you want your wife to maintain a healthy body, then you should give some fruits and vegetables daily. This will allow then to maintain a healthy lifestyle while providing your baby the vitamins and mineral they need.

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