Myths About Body Weight Exercise

Many people think of body weight exercises as doing numerous reps to get the desired result. Some people believe that few reps would make a slow progress on their part. Actually, this is true since when we reach our goal, our body seems to stop from improving. This is the time when we feel bored and lost interest on what we are doing. However, little some of us know since we can make exercising more challenging than what it already is.


body weight exercise

The above paragraphs are myths about body weight exercises. The moment that we found out, it is just a myth then we could focus on what actually works. From that point on, we could now find some ways to make our exercise routine more challenging than before.

Let us explore the myths of body weight exercises. The first myth deals with ‘the lack of variety’. Some people are not aware that by adjusting the position on the hands relative to your feet; we can raise the level of resistance. An excellent example will be the push-up. If we are just new to this exercise then we could place our hands on the chair and our feet on the floor. You will notice that it is easy. Next step is to put your hands on the floor and feet on the floor, as well. We will notice that the pressure on our upper body is harder than before. Now if, you are not satisfied with the pressure on your upper body, you could try putting your hands on the floor and feet on the chair. The elevation affects the body weight, and we need to put more efforts on lifting out body weight.

The second myth deals with the ‘limited resistance’. By using external weight, we could easily adjust the resistance of out body weight. We could use a weighted vest to put more resistance on our body so that we could make exercise more challenging. If you are like to use a homemade device, then you could settle for a bag filled with stuffs. You could also try to buy a stability ball to increase the resistance. A stability ball a suspension training device and a medicine ball, all rolled up into one.

Now that, you know the myth of body weight exercise, you can easily start changing your sedentary lifestyle into an active lifestyle. Be creative in your exercises and try to create some variety so that you would not lose your enthusiasm.

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