Cancer and Healthy Lifestyle

Cancer is one of the leading causes of death all over the world. The disease have been known for more than a decade so people know all about it, but the problem is that they just can’t prevent it from happening. Fortunately for us that the growing technology let us fight cancer. The bad thing about it is that you would need a lots of money to pay for the treatment. Of course, there is another option to fight the disease and that means taking care of ourselves.

cancer and healthy lifestyle
The best way to fight cancer is through healthy living.

A healthy lifestyle is always the best way to prevent any diseases and people know it, but the problem is acquiring one and maintaining it. The difficulty of lifestyle changes has something to do with the status of every person as it is affecting how they eat and exercise.


How can you start with the new lifestyle?

You would need to prepare healthier food option and not the usual food that you prepare. Choosing healthy food means that you need to change your eating habit. Of course, eating better means that you are going to throw away those junk foods and replacing them with fruits. Eating fatty foods is just alright if you aren’t going to eat it most of the time – our body needs fat to function better so we can’t eliminate that in our diet. Limiting the fat by having them at least once a week would be enough so we can still get the benefit of eating fat.

Of course, when we are eating, we should always drink lots of water. Don’t drink soft drinks and coffee since they contain substance that feeds cancer. The best way to kill cancer cells is by not feeding it and both those drinks contain lots of sugar that feeds cancer cells.

If you crave for fried foods then you can still include them on your diet, but try to limit eating fried foods as much as possible. Let’s say that you eat fried pork on Saturday, which means that you can’t have another fried food until next Saturday. Eliminating them entirely in your diet will only let you crave for them even more. And when you can’t control yourself then you will be eating more fried foods and that won’t be healthy.

Of course, eating healthy isn’t complete without exercise because those two co-exist. Exercise lets you burn the fat and replace it with lean muscles. You don’t need to go to the gym as you can jog outside your home every week for your cardio workout. For the strength training part, you can always do some pushups every other day.




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