Why Healthy Lifestyle is Important for Maintaining Blood Cholesterol Level?

Because of the medical research about heart disease, the public is well aware of a heart healthy lifestyle. Healthy lifestyle doesn’t only mean exercising regularly, but as well as eating a balanced meal. The medical research has raised people’s consciousness about blood cholesterol, especially LDL ( Low Density Level ) cholesterol levels, caused by fatty foods drastically raise the risk of developing heart disease and having a heart attack. It is, therefore, very crucial to monitor cholesterol within the body, and to take action in order to ensure that it remains at a controllable level.

healthy lifestyle and blood cholesterol level
healthy lifestyle and blood cholesterol level

Cholesterol is a fatty substance present in the blood, if not controlled; it will build up overtime in the arteries that may eventually leads to heart. When the arteries get blocked, blood and oxygen can’t reach the heart; this is where the heart fails. At first, you will feel chest pain, but if you didn’t take care of it then it will result in cardiac arrest. Cholesterol levels measured by a blood test called lipoprotein profile .

If the test reveals that you have a high cholesterol level, you must take action to reduce it. In addition, even if the cholesterol level is at the acceptable range, it doesn’t mean that it is alright to slack on living a healthy lifestyle. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables is a sure fire way to have a healthy lifestyle. Avoid those foods that are high in saturated fat as it directly correlates with rising cholesterol levels in the blood and the development of heart disease.

Aside from avoiding heart attacks, a healthy diet helps you to have an ideal weight. Overweight people have high LDL cholesterol levels in their blood because of poor eating practice. The excess weight puts pressure on their heart leading to heart attack. Exercise is also essential in maintaining a healthy lifestyle as it speeds up the metabolism and speeds up the metabolism and burns calories, thereby allowing people to reach and then maintain their ideal weight. Thirty minutes are suitable for anyone who looks to have their ideal weight. Cardiovascular exercise is ideal for those who want to maintain the desired weight and keeps the heart active and working.

If you’re young, try to live a healthy lifestyle because the older you get, the harder it gets because of the fast-paced technology that we have right now. Refrain from smoking and drinking alcohol as it gives the heart extra strain.

Remember that living a healthy lifestyle is not difficult, all we need is dedication, and we can have a healthy body.


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