Myths about Weight Loss and Exercise that we should know

At some point in our life, all of us want to lose some weight, but sadly, it is not that easy. We seek help from some experts, but, are they giving us the right information? When it comes to weight loss, there is always an information overload, meaning everyone is an expert. Exercise and weight loss has lots of myths and it is getting hard to distinguished fact from fiction. Below are some popular myths that we should be aware of.


Certain myths about weight loss and exercises are causing some trouble to us.

Weight Loss Myths

  • The most popular myth is about eating fat. It is said that you can’t eat any fat if you want to lose weight. Sadly, this is supported by a lot of trainers and products. They make money based on these concepts. The trainers tell this to their client over and over. The truth is that fats can be separated into good and bad. Needless to say, the good fats help your body to become healthy while the bad fat does the opposite.
  • Starving to death. There is a need to control your appetite, but that won’t mean that you have to starve yourself to death. There is a chance that this might result to binge eating, giving you the opposite result. Drinking water before eating is a great way to limit the food intake.
  • Cutting out on carbohydrates is also a popular myth. The truth is that we should always include it in our diet since it is included in the nutritional triangle that we are taught while growing.
  • Light products should help you lose weight. The truth is that light products do have fewer calories, but most of these products also have less nutritional value in it.


Exercise Myths

Cardio all the way. You need a mixture of cardio and weight lifting to get the best possible result. While any exercise is great for someone that haven’t done some exercise for a long time, those people that exercise regularly will not get the same amount of benefits from cardio like the beginner will. You will need to add some weight lifting in your routine as you progress.




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