Fitbit’s new device isn’t the device that people wants

Fitbit unveiled its “smart fitness watch”, which aims to get into the ever growing world of smartwatch. This smartwatch has upgrade fitness tracking features that might not be available in some models.

Blaze is the new Fitbit smartwatch that could help you to be fitter.

However, the price seems to be a little off since it is pricey compared to that of the Apple Watch. The company announced that their watch would be available in the coming few months and would be priced at $199.

Fitbit chief executive and co-founder James Park claimed that the device “strikes a balance between fitness and style”. The device can linked smartphones running Apple, Android or Windows systems, but it can also be removed if you like it, to be able to listen to different bands for workouts.

It can alert you whenever you receive a call, text and calendar alerts, but the benefits that you could get from it doesn’t stop there as you can also control music playing from your phone. You can enjoy the device for five days without charging.

The device is made for fitness and you can bet that the features are centered on that. Also, the features are not overwhelming for the users, so there won’t be anything that would between you totally enjoying the device.

It can be remembered that Fitbit led the market when it comes to wearable tech devices in the third quarter with a 22.2 percent market share and unit sales of 4.7 million. But, most of the analyst believes that Apple would take the lead since they have a smartwatch that could connect to iPhones and it could also track your fitness level.

As if, that is not a problem for Fitbit, other rivals are also making their move to counter the new device of Fitbit. Also another major problem that would affect the sales of their new device is the suite of connected fitness devices made by Under Armuor.

Sterne Agee analyst Rob Cihra believes that the new device would not be enough to help boost Fitbit against its rivals. The analyst claimed that while the new Fitbit device might be a fashionable device, it’s not as functional as that of the other device that the other companies developed.

IDC analyst Ramon Llamas claimed that Fitbit smartwatch could still prove to be useful if the company decides to improve it better.

“I think (Blaze) is unfairly being compared to Apple Watch,” he said. “But there are still a lot of oars in the ocean to pull Fitbit forward,” Ramon Llamas said.



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