Arc Support might not be helping you after all

According to the University of Western Australia’s School of Sport Science that our body has now evolve and is now adept to running efficiently. Those arch support or orthotics in their running shoes might not be as efficient as before. Instead of helping, it might be affecting your running performance, literary slowing you down.

arc supports
Arc supports are there to support your feet, don’t throw it away just yet.

As your foot hits the ground, the arch compresses, which causes its tendons and ligaments to become elastic like a spring, storing elastic strain energy, which could help you to propel faster. As you push off, the arch recoils and return this energy, which might assists you to propel you forward as a faster rate.

Researchers noted that the energy is stored at the final stages of arch compression, enabling you to propel at a greater distance with the least energy cost. However, the footwear might be taking the force out of your foot since it has substantial arch support that might take “the spring out of your steps”.

Researchers noted how the arch spring might be affected because of the use of a custom orthotic insole, helping the runner to propel faster since the energy cost increased by as much 6 per cent. This means that you are running proficiently like that of a runner running at a modest incline. The leg muscle would have a much difficult time it is have support from the ‘free’ elastic energy from the arch. There is a great chance that the contribution of the arc is faster running speed.

However, Dr Sarah Stearne noted that by all means that you should not throw your orthotics since its designed is to correct abnormal biomechanics, turning you into an efficient runner. It is important that you talk to an expert whether you would need it or not.

The study also found that the restriction of arch compression as you walk walking won’t affect the energy cost. This would be great for someone, who stands most of the time such as nurses, salesman and many more. The arc insoles make sure that the wearer won’t need to spend energy as they walk.






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