An app might be the answer to your Weight Problem

It is very hard to remain in shape all the time since there are many temptations what makes it even harder is the holidays, wherein we hang out with friends to be merry. Christmas is the time of giving and it is also the time where, we eat lots of food since almost everyone like to celebrate. This is the reason why most people get too fat at the end of the year.

weight loss app
The Holiday is the time to be merry and have fun with friends and it is also the time to get fat. Fortunately, there is an app that could help us loose weight.

On the start of January, everyone wants to get back in shape since they have become too fat the end of the year. Sarah, 34, a law professor from Australia, wanted to lose weight last year, she took the unusual approach of placing bets that she would achieve her exercise goals.

However, she can’t continue with her exercise routine as a breast cancer have stopped her from doing it regularly.

Right after, her breast reconstructions, she got back to her exercise routine. With the help of an activity tracker, she was able to monitor the steps she took each day and the calories she burned.

But, that is not all that motivated her to get back in fitness, there is the app, Step Bet, which she used to help her achieve her exercise goals.

“I did three one-month bets and three six-month bets, and lost 7kg [15 lbs] – 10% of my body weight,” says Sarah.

She also says she made £358 [$458; €403].

“I like losing fat. I don’t like losing money. The effect? Motivation!” she explains.

For the data-minded, tracking your progress with reams of measurements is enough to stay and get motivated. Other people who uses the app have experience a big change in their life and health after using the app. The results vary, but most of the people that uses it are successful in getting their life back.

Around 90% of users who make it to their fourth workout continue to use it for the next two months, he says. Most of the data comes from people “20 to 50 years old”, he says, so the next challenge is gathering more data from older exercisers, and other non-typical groups, such as people with injuries.

Other fitness start-ups are trying to apply machine learning to calorie counting.

Charles Teague’s app, Lose It!, began by asking users to log everything they ate, then keeping track of their calories and nutrients, he says.

This, as everyone knows who’s tried it, is a bit of a faff.

“So wouldn’t it be great if you could just take a picture of your food, and it was just logged?” he asks.

Just a year ago, he uses the app that can identify a food from a plate. Through the date that has been inputted in the app, we could know the kind of food.

WHO (World Health Organization) says the app could help us become fit since we would be able to know what we put in our body by recording it. Of course, it could help be fitter if we stay with our diet and exercise routines.

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