New Weight Loss Drugs are now safer than it was before

In America alone, more than half of the populations are suffering from obesity. Take in mind that these people are not active and won’t probably move even if it means that they would be healthier. Fortunately, they don’t have to move much since there are weight loss drugs that could help them lose weight.

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Diet pills are safer than ever before, but scientist says that it might not be enough for you to keep the weight off.

Today’s drugs are different from the drugs that our forefather used back in the days. The drugs that companies are selling have been tried and tested, therefore, limiting the bad effects that we might endure from using such weight loss drugs. These drugs can be used to suppress the appetite without many side effects, meaning that the side effects that you might incur can be somewhat minimal.

Dr. Domenica Rubino , an endocrinologist who heads the Washington Center for Weight Management and Research in Arlington, Virginia says that the drugs are now different compared to the ones that were used before. The revolution started in 2012, when many new medications got approve by the Food and Drugs Association. This means that they are now safe to use and are not that toxic like the ones that were used before.

However, even though, it is now mark safe, it doesn’t mean that they would work great for everyone as we have different reactions to drugs depending on our current health. Rubino added that this would be reserved for those people, who are into exercise and diet, but aren’t seeing any result.

There are times that family history with weight management can be a real problem for those who want to lose weight. Rubino added that the time might come when these new drugs won’t just help people to lose weight, but also keep the weight off.

“You are not prescribed medicine and you take it and you never have to think about it again,” Rubino says. “You still have to make all the lifestyle changes, the nutrition changes, etcetera.”

Rubino claimed that as time goes by, even the weight loss drugs are no enough for people to keep their weight controllable. There are other significant facts that we need to consider if we want to lose and keep the weight off.



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