Weight Loss Detoxification


When it comes to faster weight loss result and to achieve superior fitness and health results, opting for a detox diet is the way to go. A detoxification diet can help you in a lot of ways many ways. For instance, the body gets harassed by harmful chemical that comes from the food we ate, the air we breathe, and so on. This waste build-up leads until it leads to health problems.

weight loss detoxification
weight loss detoxification

Good thing, that there is such a process known as detoxing (cleansing). It helps the body to get rid of all the waste inside the body.

Secondly, if you’re desperate to lose weight, a detox diet can help turn your vision into a concrete reality. Detoxification helps to clean-up waste from the colon and other internal organs. When the internal organs are waste free, the weight loss would be much faster.

Here, are some guidelines for detoxing:

How to Start Detox?

Starting a detox diet is difficult even for fitness enthusiasts that don’t have a clue on how to proceed. Hence, if you want to succeed with this kind of diet you need to be careful from the get go. The best way to detox diet is by making small changes at a time; build on it as time passes by. A big lifestyle change would not work simply because you’re just going to give up early.

A detox diet should be as straightforward as it could get; it must be straightforward and easy to follow. You can start with a one day detox and see where you can take it from there. Overtime, you’ll gain more knowledge and experience in the detox territory. When you’re knowledgeable enough, then this would be the time to aim for stricter diet and shot for more days, or even weeks.

Don’t Eat This.

Junk food should be eliminated to achieve weight loss success. Refined sugars, pasteurized dairy products, processed foods, gluten, table salt, trans fat, or any other food that falls into these categories are a no-option. These types of foods cause the bulk of trouble in the body. Eating junk food creates nutritional deficiencies and diseases and promotes fat storing hormones. In the end, you will just be fatter than before.

Eat This.

If you believe that a junk food free life will leave you with no more eating options, you’re wrong. You can still enjoy healthy snacks. You’ll just need to change your old habits into a healthier habit.

Here, are some recommended drink and food replacement during the detoxification period:

Drink plenty of water. Keep your body well hydrated. Proper hydration helps to remove some toxins in your body, as well as, keep the craving and hunger under controlled. A normal, healthy person would need around 8 glasses of water a day, but there are some days that you should need more water. During hot days, drink 9 or 10 glasses to replace the body fluid lose during sweating.

Replace all energy drinks such as soda, beer or coffee with healthier alternatives like lemon juice and herbal tea. Fruit juice is high in fructose content so they should be consumed in moderation. Fructose forces the body to produce more insulin that results to craving for more food.

Eat whole vegetable and fruits. Carrots, watermelon, tyberries, apples, raspberries, cherries, and broccoli are just some of the best choices. These veggies and fruits are rich in both fiber and water content, hence providing you with the valuable nutrients and improve digestion and the elimination of waste-products.


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