Mobile Apps are useful in Weight Loss programme

Mobile technology might have potential in modernizing how medicine is practiced. This has been proven in a recent study concerning mobile phones and weight loss programs.

An app can help you to lose weight
An app can help you to lose weight

Researchers recently evaluated a weight-loss intervention offered by a smartphone application, which provided support to individuals that embark on a partial meal replacement program (MRP).

Fifty-eight adult women participants were randomly assigned to two groups composed of an intervention and a control group. The intervention group was given a MRP Support app while the control group got a static app based on the information available with the MRP.

The study lasted for eight weeks, wherein the researchers found users of the support app were more engaged than those using the control app.

Those in the intervention group somehow boost their mood as compared to the control group.

During the last week, women in the control group displayed some lack of effort on their diet than participants in the other group.

Researchers believe that the study suggests that MRP Support app might increase positive mood and maintain motivation throughout a weight loss program. Furthermore, it could be a useful addition to presented MRPs for psychological conclusions.

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