Strong, a new fitness reality show

STRONG is a new TV show, wherein 10 females team up with 10 male trainers. The contestant would want to win the show by losing weight. The show will start on April 13, aiming to motivate viewers to get a healthy lifestyle once again.

gabrielle reece
Gabrielle Reece would host the new reality show, wherein contestant would compete against one another to see who would lose the most weight.

“It has a high level of difficulty,” host Gabrielle Reece tells PEOPLE of the show. “It’s sexy! The sets are really attractive. And I think it has a really human quality to it. The cast’s stories are stories that everyone can relate to.”

The contestant would include a 30 yr old looking for love, a former cheerleader and a mother of three. Each contestant would be working with their fitness trainer and would want to advance in the competition.

“The trainers have to deliver as well,” says Reece, 46. “It’s not just them telling people what to do; they’re showing with their actions. The trainer is very invested in helping the woman [they’re paired with], and then he’s also busting his butt for her.”

Gabrielle Reece would host the show. She claims that this would really encourage those people that want to lose weight, but are too lazy to do something about it. Reece have a sports background and this is an area, wherein, she is very comfortable at. She noted that this TV show won’t just focus on how to be fit since this is more about sports.

“I loved the idea of these women saying, I want to either find the old me or get myself defined and find my real voice,” she continues. “I’m very inspired by [them].”

Viewers would surely be able to relate to some of these women since these women are just regular women and not a real celebrity. Another one that is expected to bring more viewers for the show are the hot trainers that each contestants would be working with.


Source: Gabrielle Reece to host new reality show

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