Martial Arts Fitness Training – Training without Weights

One of the best ways to get fit is to become a martial artist since you would need to dedicate yourself in training that you are going to be fit. That if, you want to be good at doing martial arts. Otherwise, forget about it since it needs time and dedication. If you can’t do that then, you won’t be seeing any results at all. Martial arts fitness training is used by several athletes to become fit. It emphasizes the development of mind and body through rigorous physical training.

In the past, martial artist used to train without weights, not only to hone their skills, but also to develop their body.

Since MMA started, martial arts fitness training becomes popular. In the past, most martial artist are slim, but they are powerful (they have some kind of super powers). Nowadays, most martial artist have massive body and they are terrifying. Though, there are still a few with a natural looking body, we can’t deny that martial artists are really changing.


What is with Body weight Exercise Training?

No matter how you view a martial artist, the moves that they are doing requires lot of practice and that can’t be done just because you want to. Your body needs to remember those moves, so you are able to use it in actual combat. The exercise that are done by martial artist requires the use of their own body weight to increase their strength.

If you want to use any of the fighting methods that you learn, you would need to do it a lot of times that your body is able to remember it even in battle. That is why, you see those martial artist doing the same routine over and over again. You are going to develop the muscle that you would need in a real fight.


Making Time to Work out without Weights

Working out takes time, before you could see to results, you need to invest your time in working out. And during the ancient times, a martial artist devotes most of their time to perfect their craft. It means that there would be no movies, video games and the likes for you. Some martial artist even lives in the dojo to hone their skills. It would take those people years before they would become a master, but the mastery of the craft is what they want in their life.

Nowadays, there are so much that we needed to do to make a living and it would be impossible to dedicate our life to martial arts mastery. Because, the number of martial practitioners dwindles as not everyone has the time to commit to training. Fortunately, there are still a few those found the time to dedicate some time to body weight training. Most of the workout in the gym requires you to have a big space and it the reason why you need to go to the gym to see results. Fortunately, those martial artist from before shows us that we could train our body even if we have little space.


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