Abs Exercises flatten the tummy


We all want a flat stomach, but the trouble is that only a few are doing something about it. Sad thing, out of the few, only a small percentage are able to achieve a flat stomach simply because they know more about how it works. It is commonly known as the “lower pouch” for women and “spare tire” for men. To get rid of the lower stomach, you need to know what workout works. You don’t need to spend countless hours doing cardio in hope of flattening the stomach. What you need is to burn fat.

Remember that there is no such a thing as spot reduce. It is a myth and such doesn’t work. If you go to the gym, then you are going to be told about sport reduce to introduce you to a lot of workout using equipment. These so-called fitness trainers are not really your friend since they just want to make money from you. Or you purchase an exercise equipment just for the abs since you seen them on TV. These aren’t useless at all, but you can’t expect to have a flat tummy just because you are doing their exercise.

abs exercises
You don’t need to do lots of abs routine if you just want to flatten your tummy. There is no truth in the term “Spot Reduce”.

Best Exercises to burn fat

If you truly want to burn fat, you would need to be serious in building muscles. Muscle burn fat even if you are sleeping, so the more muscle that you have, the more fat you are burning. If you are a girl, don’t get frightened that you would have a bulky frame because that is a myth. The most obvious way to build muscle is to use weights, but if that is not available then you can use your own body weight. There is no need to purchase barbells or dumbbell just to build muscles.

Through the use of your own body weight, you can build muscle. Remember that you don’t need to pay for a gym membership just to feel good about yourself. You can do it at the comfort of your home. You can achieve physically fit body through these types of exercises:

  • Calisthenics
  • Plyometrics
  • Interval training

You don’t need to spend lots of time if you just want to lose weight since you can achieve it with as little time as you got with strength training. Usually, if only last for 30 minutes, but if you are not satisfied then you can add more routines and more time to your workout.

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