5 Widespread Exercise Myths that should be ignored!


Being ignorant won’t help you get a flat stomach. Some exercises are just myth and will only waste your time doing them. Below is a list of exercise myths that should not follow:

binge and crunch
binge and crunch

Binge-And-Crunch Myth

Many people think that exercise gives them the right to eat excessively because they believe that they can work off the fat and calories they have ingested. Though, something are true in this myth; it is still a waste of effort. This is because by eating too many fat and calories alone; you can already pile up enough fat on your belly, which you will need to burn later. So you’ll just go back to where you started.

Spot Toning Myth

The truth is that you can never tone one part of your body. You need to increase your metabolism through exercise and decrease your food intake so that you will be slimmer.

The More, The Merrier Myth

Some people believe that the more crunches they do, the better chances for them to develop a flat tummy. Performing four sets of 20 to 25 solid crunches are far better than doing a hundred or more.

The Six Pack Myth

If want to see those six pack abs. You need to undergo strenuous training in the gym, but you also need to stop eating large meals. The abs are always there; they are just covered with layers of fats. A combination of exercise and proper diet will help you attain the abs of your dream.

Quick Fixes To Flab Myth

It is just a lie! They are just out there to get your money. Those quick fix method doesn’t really work.

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