Strength Training should be part of your routine

If you want to lose weight then you need to be careful on what you are eating since that could be the big difference for you to lose weight or not. However, you won’t need that if you do regular strength training since it uses most of the food that you eat for energy. Only those, who does not strength train are liable for eating less.

strength training part
Never forget about strength training it can help you with your weight loss. Also, you would also reap rewards that you won’t get just from cardio training.

What is strength training?

This is important as you won’t go far if you don’t know what this is. It is set of exercises that strengthen the muscular and skeletal system. It might be weight training, resistance training and isometric training – it only means that it helps you to strengthen your body. Weight training helps the person to work on his skeletal muscles and is done with some weights carried by the body. In resistance training, the body is contracted against an opposite force; in most cases, resistance bands are used. Isometric training helps the person to gain muscular contraction.

Research has proven that we need some kind of regular exercise to be able to get lean muscle mass, which in turns helps us to burn more calories. Now, this results to weight loss even if we are sleeping. Health experts agreed that strength training is good for us since it helps us to enhance metabolic rate of the body by 15 percent. So, if you regularly into exercise, you can expect to lose weight even if you are not into dieting.

There are lots of exercises that you can do and each has its different benefits for the body. It also makes the heart grow stronger. Even the American Heart Association (AHA) believes in this as such they recommend a person to do strength training to stay away from heart attacks.

Strength training had been known to increase not only the muscle mass, but also the bone mass density. At the age of thirty, our body starts to lose bone density, so we need to take care of it with regular exercise. Experts believe that it is the fountain of youth since it helps the body to enhance bone mass density over a few months.

Aside from that, those who are suffering from cardiovascular diseases like diabetes would get a boost in controlling their health. As we burn body fats, we also burn some glucose that is not utilized by the body if we have diabetes. Combined with regular intake of medicine, we could really extend our life.

Most fitness experts agree that an overall body exercise is what we need to be able to stay healthy. But, you can do more if you have been doing it for quite some time, so you should opt for split routines . In split routines, there are variations of exercise, making exercise not that boring. It also helps the body to easily recover since you won’t be using the same muscle group over and over again. However, there are no strict rules needed to follow if you want a split routine. You just need something that you are comfortable with, which means that you can formulate your own if you don’t feel like doing what everybody does.




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