She eats chocolate yet she is fit

If you want a role model to get fit then you might check out most of the athletes and models that are doing all the things that they can do just to get in shape. They put everything in line since being fit is their job and they would be fire if they aren’t fit. They work out all the time and avoid sweets.

But, some people are just gifted that they don’t’ need to work out regularly. In fact, they like eating sweets like chocolate. The amazing part here is that they are fit as hell and no one can argue about that when they see the body of Bikini competitor Sophie Guidolin who has rippling abs and a toned posterior even after giving birth to four children.

What she eats

Sophie likes eating oaths ad smoothies for breakfast, which includes Nutella, chocolate protein power, granulated nuts and maple syrup – and a chicken stir fry for lunch. In between lunch and dinner she’ll reach for a homemade chocolate brownie with her afternoon tea and then prepare an eye fillet, potatoes, cottage cheese and vegetables to finish the day.

Summertime will see her pick up a whole bunch of seasonal fruits and the occasional chocolate magnum ‘because life is about balance.’ Sophie’s one rule involves tracking her macros so she only splurges what she can afford to.

During her interview with Women’s Health, a fitness website, she said that she eats burgers and chocolate regularly, which is not considered as healthy.

‘I fuel my workouts with the right combination of carbs, fats and protein, I train smart (maximum output in minimum time) and I don’t make special meals or eliminate foods. My whole family eat the same meals – no one has time to make multiple meals or fussy recipes.’

Her secret

She was able to get fit by using an online calculator to interpret how much food does she needs. She exercise in conjunction to how much she have eaten.

Carbs and protein have four calories per gram and fat is more than double that at nine calories per gram. Sophie explained you should aim for about 30 grams of protein per meal, get 20-30 per cent of your daily calories from fats and make up the rest of your calories with carbs.

You need to download a fitness tracker to know how much you’re eating (and keep tabs on the relevant nutritional value) until your comfortable doing it off the top of your head.



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