4 Ab Exercise myths

There are a lot of myths surrounding exercises. If don’t know about them then how can you expect to see results.

Myth #1 – The best way, six pack is by doing sit-ups

This has been a common practice for decades. Most people believe sit-ups is the most effective way to get six pack abs. However, recent studies had proven that is not as effective as everyone thought it was. Aside from not being effective, it also causes strains on the spinal cord. During the whole process, the “six-pack” muscle, the rectus abdominis (extends the entire length of the abdomen) muscle gets little stimulation. In truth, it is the hip flexor muscles that get the most stimulation. Therefore, doing sit-ups is the wrong choice of exercise if you want the best abs. Focusing on just one exercise alone is a mistake. A complete core exercise program must include all of the crucial muscles supporting the spine. Though, it includes the abs, but it does not mean that you should focus on the abs alone. If you focus on a few specific muscles, it could lead to posture problems, later on causing some awkward and unhealthy support of the spinal cord.

Myth #2 – Abdominal Exercise is the way to go for losing inches off your waist

The theory were focusing the routine on a specific area was never proven. Ab exercises help to tone and firm the muscles. However, it does not mean that it could help you lose the inches off your waist. To lose those inches off your waist, you have to burn more calories than what you consume every day. The best fitness routine that could do the job would be a combination of cardiovascular exercise, strength conditioning, and a healthy diet.

Myth #3 – Electrical stimulation is an effective way to get a six-pack

Abs belt devices use EMS (Electronic Muscle Stimulation) technology, which sends electronic, impulses to the muscles by means of electrodes placed on the skin. Infomercial has always advertised this technology for rehabilitative, physical therapy; it has never been proven to be effective for weight loss or muscle toning. There are no single independent clinical studies supporting the claims of weight loss, muscle growth or muscle strengthening by the manufacturers’. According to a study conducted by The American Council, the Body Shapers International BM10112BI does not do much for the abs. There are 17 people who have been subjected to the study, which went on for 8 weeks and none of them got their dream of six pack abs.

Myth #4 – Ab Machines could give your body six pack abs

Most people believe that ab machines and ab gadgets can help them achieve the abs they desire. However, the slick advertising exaggerates the benefits. People are too naive to try out the newest and best ab machine on the market shown in the infomercial claiming: “Get ripped abs in a week!” or “lose 20 lbs. in 2 weeks!” or “best way to get ripped. Perhaps the best benefit that an ab machine could provide is the support on the back and neck. Without the strain on the back and neck, people can focus on the abs and oblique. However, the obvious disadvantage of the machine is that they are too focused on the abs and oblique. The best way to attain those six pack abs is by working out all those muscle in the abdominal group.

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