The Myth about Cardio for Weight Loss

People who want to lose weight seems to have a hard time knowing which is which since some say that shorter workout is the best while others would say that longer sessions would help them get fitter fast. Today’s let’s talk about the truth about the longer duration sessions and hopefully this could answer the question on which is really better.


Many people would agree that exercising for 30-minutes will produce an extremely lot of sweat, which means that more fats getting burned. However, some people believe that shorter duration session or 20 minute workout would be better.

What’s with this 20-minute barrier?

Some experts believe that the minute that we reach 20-minutes of workout, that is when the body do burn fat. Earlier, than that would result to burning carbs and other energy sources, which is helpful in sustaining the workout. Through, sweat looks like a good thing to burn fat off your body, many does not believe this. They believe that it is the other way around and excessive sweat won’t do much helpthe.

Dr Al Sears of the newly developed PACE® 12-Minute Program thinks that shorter workout is better than longer exercise. He believes that the body starts producing more fat after long duration of the workout. This is the body’s way of defending itself against hunger.

Now, when you heard that the body starts making more fat, then surely you would not like to exercise more than 12 minutes, right?

Those who believe that by keeping the exercise routine for a maximum of 20-minutes, the body is able to burn those fat off the body without triggering the defensive mechanism of the body.

The science of working out for a shorter period of time claimed that these exercises should be high intensity to be able to force the person to break some sweat. Take note, these exercises must be done with short burst of intensity to lessen the possibility of weakening the body organ. For example, most guys on the gym were doing three sets of 15 on every exercise routine. They do not do these exercises continually as they know that it would endanger their lives when they do it in a continuous manner.

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