4 Myths about how to get Great Abs


Everyone wants great abs, so a lot of people buy almost every product that promises result, but the one thing they forget to do is to work on it. The problem these days are that there are so many myths about how to get a six pack abs. Here are some of them:

a typical girl with a growing tummy
a typical girl with a growing tummy

Myth #1 There is a quick way to fix that bulging tummy

Sad to say, there are no way to fix those bulging flab, immediately. Diet might help you to reduce its size, but you will not get rid of the flab. They only way to reduce your tummy and get rid of that flab is through dedication to your exercise program. You need to stick before you can see some result.

Myth #2 Crunches are what you need

Some people believe that they need to do 250,000 crunches. For Pete’s sake, that means doing 100 crunches a day for 7 years! What they do not know is that crunches and sit-ups make their belly bigger.

Myth #3 Flat abs can be achieve in the kitchen

Diet is one of the ways to get great abs, but you need regular exercise if you want great abs.

Myth #4 Any exercise would work to get rid those belly fats

Any exercise will help to have better health, but having great abs needs something that stimulate the abdominal muscles often.

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