Different Fitness Training Methods to Train your Body

In order to improve your physique, you can choose among different training methods. Each of them needed you to follow a special discipline to develop one or more of your fitness components such as muscular strength, muscular power, flexibility, muscular endurance, aerobic and anaerobic capacity. The following methods are effective methods in developing our physique:

methods of training
There are lots of way to train our body. We just need a system that would work on us.


Continuous training designed in a way that it could improve your aerobic capacity and your muscular endurance. It is recommended for people with diseases and for those who are active in sports. The effect of continuous training are reducing the risk of heart disease, controlling weight gain, high blood pressure, stress related illness; also provides the ability to participate in organized team and individual sports.


Interval training can improve strength, power, speed and agility. It is advisable for people who into sports. This type of training entails periods of short bursts followed by rest or recovery. The training formula performed by hard work intervals followed by recovery intervals and repeated a number of times.


Circuit training is an outstanding way to improve body strength, power, muscular endurance, agility and aerobic capacity all at the same time. It can be done in a short time and has a series of approximately ten exercises arranged in a sports hall or oval shape and carried out the exercises as fast as you can in the set time. Once that, you finish the first exercise, you can then proceed to the next one until they are all completed. It breaks regular training since it is an around training method.


Resistance training is ideal for improving strength and power or muscular endurance. It lets users use weights, body weight or push a force. Both men and women can do this type of exercise since only men can develop bulky muscles. Women do not have the testosterone to build those muscles like men.


Flexibility is ideal for improving joint and muscle range of motion; also decreasing injury in the process. It lets the body be subjected to a stretched position.


Fartlek Training is the best way to improve both aerobic and anaerobic capacities. The person is engaged in short bursts of speed exercises during a continuous training session. It is different from interval training since continuous training does not have any added burst every once in a while.

If you are going to use all of the training methods mentioned in efforts to get fit and improve personal performance, you will have other means to develop your body, thus developing more parts of the body. It helps you to reduce any occurrence of health related diseases and improve your sport related fitness.

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