Principles of Fitness Training

A principle made to guide people to know which workout will best suit them. Here, are the eight principles that could guide you in fitness training.

fitness training principle
fitness training principle

1. Specific Training

If you are into sport, you must have a specific goal. This principle pertains to the movement patterns, joint mobility and muscle group strength. This principle is often applicable to boxers since they do sprints on a heavy bag and plyometric pushups so that they could improve their punching speed and arm strength.

2. Overload

By means of upping the level of your usual training to past your normal fitness level will sometime result to stress the muscles. You will notice that your performance will increase after the rest and recovery period. You will notice that your overall performance changes as you continue with a continuous, but gradual increase in training level. That changes that you changes to your exercise routine must be slow so that you can avoid injury.

3. Recovery

It is not advisable to do exercise between workouts as your muscle needs to recover. The muscle tissue gets stressed during training. Rest allows the body repair the body tissue that were damage after working out.

4. Reversibility

Once you achieve your goal of having the body of your dream. It doesn’t mean that you can stop exercising. Maybe, you won’t notice changes in the body for not exercising for a week. However, not exercising for months will reverse all the fitness gain that you have work on so hard.

5. Variation

When exercising, try to do different exercises so that you can work out all the different muscle groups. If you don’t have variation of your exercise routine, you will tire easily of your routine and go back to your sedentary lifestyle.

6. Transfer

Some exercise has similar movement can also be applied in another form of exercise. A good example of what I have been talking about is squat and vertical jump. Both movement has the same movement.

7. Individuality

Since people are different in many ways, there is no workout routine that will be best for all. The exercise must be tailored according to the individual’s need. Different people have their level fitness level. Some points to consider when seeking an exercise program should be gender, sport, overall health, any previous injuries or damage, motivation to train and experience levels.

8. Balance

Without balance, you will fail to achieve your goal. So, be sure to balance training with diet, nutrition, sleep and your recovery periods. Moderation is the key to balance to achieve your goal. Working out too much will put too much pressure on your muscle groups and do you damage. Same as too much diet can lead to eating disorders or obesity.

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