Strength Training with Bodyweight – Working out at Home

I like going to the gym since I have all the equipment I need to train, but not everybody has the time. Probably because their workplace is too far from their home. It is already late night so working out is not an option since they need to wake up early to go to their office. Others don’t feel like working out since they aren’t comfortable with other people watching them as they exercise. If any of those are your problem then, you don’t need to despair as you can still workout without those bulky equipments found inside the gym.

body weight exercises
body weight exercises

Here, are Some Ways to do Strength Training at Home.


Strength training does it wonder when performed with fewer reps compared to more reps. When doing pushup, try to do 20 pushups daily. Doing it more than that doesn’t increase your strength. You’re working on your endurance. If you feel that 20 reps aren’t enough for you, try to do it with a bag full of books on your back. If you have someone to help you, ask them to sit at your back when doing pushups to make it more difficult.

If you’re just starting out, try to perform while standing against a wall or from your knees. As you feel that you’re strength is improving, you might want to switch to the standard pushup. A standard pushup works your chest, arms and core, but it doesn’t have to be boring as you can mix it up to target specific muscle areas and to make your routine more challenging and engaging.


Squats are an excellent way to work those leg muscles. Squats can be performed with or without weight. If you do bodyweight squats, then you can have a slender looking leg rather than a bulky leg. If you’re just a beginner, try not to overdo it as you may hurt yourself. You can start with half squat. Keep doing it daily and you will eventually find that your legs are stronger than before. Now, that you’re stronger, now you can try full squat. If you feel that it is not enough, you can raise the level by changing to squat jump. For more advance workout, try doing it with one leg raise.


A proper strength training program is actually a density training program. Using a superset format, vary the exercises back and forth between squats and pushups. Do these for 15 minutes without a break. At first, do it with a standard pushup and squat so that you don’t push your body to its limit. Begin supersets with 5 pushups and 5 squats. Listen to your body; you don’t want to reach a certain point where your body fails you. If need be, you can always do fewer reps for each exercise or add recovery time between each set. This exercise isn’t easy as it looks.


Another exercise I can recommend is pull-up. You’ll need to have a bar or something similar to hold your weight; pull up works the back and arms. If you don’t have a bar available at home, you can use the back of a door. You can do a horizontal pull-up with chair. It exercises the chest and triceps areas.


Plyometrics work the leg muscles without the use of weights as they accentuate quick and sudden explosions of force and strength.

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