Top 10 Strength Training Tips for Wrestlers

Wrestlers need to be strong to dominate their opponent in the ring. This article will discuss ways on developing a strong body.


Wrestler using a trap bar
Wrestler using a trap bar

1. Train the “Posterior Chain”

The posterior chain muscles made up of the glutes, hamstrings, and lower back. If you have a strong posterior chain muscles, you can dominate your opponent through your speed and power in the neutral and bottom positions. Some strength training exercises recommended developing those muscles are good-mornings, stiff-leg deadlifts, deadlifts, barbell squats (bar low on shoulders).

2. Strength Training – slow repetition

Of course, you want to show how strong you are in the wrestling ring. Some wrestlers tend to throw weights around when doing strength training. They used momentum whenever they throw the barbell, and it doesn’t help at all in improving their strength. You should avoid using momentum by doing repetition at a slow pace. It should take around 4 seconds to lower a weight.

3. Brief Workouts

Workouts should not take more than 35 minutes to complete. The body’s hormone levels are its finest by finishing the workout in less than 35 minutes. By doing so, you can easily recuperate during workouts; therefore getting stronger in the process.

4. 12 Exercises Or Less

This number of exercises allows the wrestler to hit wrestling muscles needed to dominate in the ring. If you exceed, you will overworking yourself.

5. 2 Sets Or Less

Two sets are all you need to strengthen your body and prepare your body for wrestling matches. You sat with a warm-up set for an exercise, then move to your top weight. After you complete that top weight, cut down the total weight on the bar or machine by 20% and repeat. People, who do intense workout can only manage to do one work set per exercise.

6. Fail In The Gym To Dominate On The Mat

Have you eve come into a point where you can’t lift weights anymore? I had experiences it over and over, and it helps my body to be stronger. Momentary muscular failure forces the muscle to adapt; hence becoming stronger.

7. Use Machines And Free Weights

Most people would like to use free weights during their entire workouts, but a combination of machines and free weight would be ideal. In a gym, you can’t always used the same equipments as other people were also using them so it would help if you can combine using free weights and machines on your workout routines. Besides, your muscles will not know the difference. The most important thing in strength training is the intensity to which you subjected your muscles to. Tools only help you to achieve a certain level.

8. Use A Thick Bar

A thick bar is a hollow metal tube wherein you can put free weights at the end. A thick bar obliges you to hold on tightly whenever you exercise. It helps in the development of the forearm and hand strength.

9. Keep Up The Protein

You need to supply your body with regular protein to sustain the energy that you need. Protein aids the body as it repair and rebuild torn muscle tissue during exercise or wrestling match.

10. The Trap Bar

This is one of the equipments needed to gain wrestling strength. The trap bar is a hexagonally shaped bar. You can do deadlifts with maximal stimulation of almost every muscle vital to improved wrestling performance.

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