Strength Training 101 – Weight Lifting develops muscle and strength

Weight lifting is one of the ways that you could try to get in better shape. It could be fun, satisfying and time-efficient depending on how you see it. One thing is sure; you will get a lot of health benefits if you are into weight lifting


weight lifting
weight lifting

When just starting with a weight lifting program, you need to plan out how often you will lift. Don’t train the same muscle groups on consecutive days. You need to train three times a week to develop your body. The schedule depends on your schedule, so you can choose to train on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. One notable thing when creating a schedule is that you need a rest day in-between of your training session so that your body could heal from the strenuous training you have undergone before.

Here, are some of the health benefits that you can get from weight lifting:

  1. It can help your joints and improve your balance and bone density, protecting you from injuries. Increased strength will also make daily activities easier.
  2. You will also see aesthetic improvements: your body will start to feel firmer and look more fit after a month or two of consistent lifting.
  3. Lifting weight can help you lose inches since you are going to develop muscle as you progress with weight lifting. Muscle burns fat so you would certainly lose weight.


If you are just new with weight lifting, then you need to learn the proper form first before you increase the weight. Increase the resistance as you see some progress.

You need proper nutrition if you are into strength training. If you want to gain mass, eat more protein, and you will surely become bigger.

For many, weight lifting in the morning is the best way to exercise, but since other people don’t have the time to train in the morning, they could have their workout at noon. What is crucial here is to find the right time where you can consistently work out.


Weight lifting is just one of the many ways to be fit.

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