Lets talk about the Myth of Facial Exercises!

Facial exercises is one of the hottest ways to get young looking face, but some people don’t believe in the power of facial exercise. Millions of people have been debating about the benefits and myths of facial exercise on many forums in the internet.

facial exercise
facial exercise

Some people says that facial exercises it had no benefit because the major cause of wrinkling or sagging of the skin is not due to the loss of muscle tone. In addition, the deterioration of the collagen/elastin, the depletion of the skin fat layer and loosening of facial ligaments all contribute the muscles to sag.

The above paragraph is untrue and doesn’t have any research to back it up. Experts had explained it from time to time that strengthening facial muscles could contribute significantly to the maintenance of elasticity of the fibers and help reduces subcutaneous fat. Stimulation of facial muscle helps in filling protein surrounded by the individual fibers thus making the fibers stronger and less prone to sagging.

If the face doesn’t get any exercise, the protein in your muscle fibers shrinks and the elastic fiber will continue to deteriorate. When the process starts, it will be harder to control. Since the elastic fibers begin to collapse because of atrophy (lack of use), the follow on effect are the loss of collagen within the skin itself and the loss of subcutaneous fat. These components make your skin firm and less prone to sagging.

The truth, most of these pessimists are just trying to sell their product to you. Why would they spend their time on something that doesn’t mean anything for them, in the first place? You may notice that they just want to push their products literally onto your face and use any means necessary to pull out your wallet. They won’t make money from facial exercises, so most of them would convince you that facial exercise doesn’t work. Though, facial exercise needs a little bit of your time daily, it is worth it since it is free. Aside from being free, there no side effects that can arise from exercising.

Don’t wait until your too old to start with facial exercise; it may be too late then! By starting at younger age, you can reduce the aging process by years and the longer you can keep your facial muscles strong (therefore building protein) then it will continue to stimulate the production of elastic fiber and prolong the storage of subcutaneous fat.

Furthermore, it also improves blood circulation thus preventing the overall production of freckles, skin pigments and spider veins.

For a lot of people, plastic surgery is better since they don’t need to do it daily, but these surgeries can cost you thousands of dollars. Some people were lucky to undergo successful surgery, but there are some who got their face deformed because of malpractice. Tell me, would you want someone to experiment on your face? I don’t know about you, but I would just rely on facial exercises since it is safer and doesn’t cost a thing.


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