4 Myths about Core Training


Let’s face it, we all want to have great abs since that is what the opposite sex would love. Well, maybe, you are not aiming to have a six-pack abs like most people, but having a great abs surely has its benefit aside from looking good. A great abs is strong means it can hold the core much better than an average abs.

Sad to say, that is where lots of people tend to get disappointed as they are not getting the results that they want from their exercise program.

Pretty sure, you would want a core like this one, but sad to say that it won’t be that easy. And it would be harder if believe core workout myths.

Here are 4 of the core training myths that have misguided most of the people:

Myth # 1: Core Training should come first

Core training should be the first one to be trained. For some, core training is at the most important, so they are doing it first before any other training method.

That is wrong because you would just tire yourself thus, you won’t have the energy for the exercises that really matter. Almost all of the workouts put some kind of stress on the core thus; you might need to do different exercise for the core later.

It is recommended to perform them last, if you want to work your core out. As already stated, most workouts are also putting some stress on the core, so you don’t need to do that. But, if you like to exercise it more then be gentle as the core muscle is already tired and you don’t want to stress it too much.

Myth # 2: Crunches are not good

Maybe, this has something truth in it since the results won’t be that good if you perform the crunches incorrectly.

But, then again, if you manage to perform the right crunches such as utilizing the muscle tension to pull you up, you would develop stronger core.

When doing crunches, remember to perform different variations, so you are sure that you are exercising all the parts of the abs.

Myth # 3: Exercise the abs daily

You might think that it would be best to train your abs everyday for optimum success, but that is not the right way to train your abs. Like any muscle, you need to give it a rest, so that it could repair all the tissues that got damage.

Training the abs every other day would ensure that the muscle would be fully recover, thus it would eventually develop into a strong core.

Myth # 4: Sit-ups for Six-Pack Abs

Everyone wants a six-pack abs and others might tell you to do lots of it, so that you would see that six-pack abs you wanted. Again, that won’t be recommended since there are lots of body fats covering the muscle in your abs. What you need is diet.

You need to lose fat, so you need to focus on what you eat daily. Your workout should be minimal as you won’t need to do much if you just want a well-defined abs.

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