3 False Ideals About Exercises that Deals with Time


False ideal #1 Time for fat loss

Some people believe that they need to workout for a set amount of time before they start to burn fat.

That is where they are wrong since they don’t need to wait to burn fat, because the human body is always burning fat in some portion or another. As you are reading this, you are burning some fats in your body, just not that intense when working out.

The false ideal began when it was discovered that sugar gets burn while the body “warms up” during exercise and once you are warmed up you start to burn more fat as fuel. Though, it is true, it doesn’t mean that you will start to lose weight. Weight loss can only be achieve when the amount of calorie intake is less than the amount of calorie burned.

False ideal #2 Longer workouts are more effective.

Exercise serves as an instruction for how your body should perform. So running conditions, let you run, push ups condition makes your body do push ups and so on.

Time only matter if the workout has something to do with what you hope to perform. An excellent example would be Manny Pacquiao who is a well-known boxer. He like sot run since it would improve his endurance in the ring. Of course, he has other extreme workouts, but most of them designed to make him stronger.

False ideal #3 The longer you practice, the more skill you become.

The final false ideal has something to do with those who are working out for years, but didn’t progress much since they started working out. Gyms filled with these people. Of course, there are some who do workout for months and see results immediately.

The difference between the two types of person is that the other pays attention to what they are doing, while the other pays attention to how long it must be done. Those who workout for years and never progresses as they stay consistently but never bother to change anything. After all running faster or lifting heavier weight becomes difficult when you are doing it for an hour. However, when you throw out the idea that you must last, you give yourself freedom to explore higher levels of performance; therefore you unlock your own potential.

Results do take time, but it doesn’t mean that you can see results faster!

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