7 Exercise Myths that won’t help you attain a Perfect Body


Losing weight seems to be easy when an expert is doing it, but you might find it hard. The truth is that even expert has a hard time losing weight because weight losses are about discipline and lots of time. You need to have a discipline mind and body to achieve your health goal.

Different exercise myths
Different exercise myths

Here are exercise myths that don’t help you to attain a perfect body:

  1. Exercise should be done in the morning. Exercise can be done any time you want, but some experts believe that the best times are between 10a.m. – 1p.m. or 4p.m. – 8p.m. They think that the body can do its best during these times.
  2. Sport is a good way to get exercise. Everyday training is not for everyone. Exercises should depend on a person’s health condition. You need to find the right sport that will best suit you as there are some sports that aren’t right for some illnesses. For example, those with arthritis, tonsillitis and pharyngitis cannot go swimming, those with gastritis and stomach ulcers must not do cycling and the list go on. It is vital to consult with your doctor first before engaging in any sport’s activity.
  3. The harder the better. Too much exercise might damage your muscle or organism rather than help you burn fat. You need to know when your body cannot take it anymore. Take some rest and you can train again after you rested your muscles.
  4. You can only get god results from gyms. The truth is that you can exercise at the comfort of your home. Conditioned air cannot replace the fresh air in the great outdoors. Exercising outside is better than spending an hour or two in the gym. Gym equipments doesn’t really translate to weight loss success. What you need is your determination to keep going.
  5. Any sport will do. The fact that you are not interested in the sport makes it a hindrance for you to achieve your health goal. You need to enjoy what you are doing, so it is vital to choose the sports that interest you.
  6. Hard training affects mental progress. As the body gets enough exercise, the body produces endorphins that make people happier. Endorphin stimulates the brain, therefore, leads to creative thinking.
  7. Never eat anything before exercising. Some people got it the wrong way as they think that it is a taboo to eat anything right before working out. That is certainly not true as the body needs energy while working out. Energy comes from the food that you eat. It is recommended to eat fruits an hour any half before exercising to get the energy that you need during workouts.

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