Some Popular Myths About Aerobic Exercises

Most people believe in exercise myths that slow their progress. At the moment, I want to talk about the misconceptions concerning the relationship between aerobic exercise and weight control.


Here, are some myths regarding aerobic exercises:

Myth #1: Aerobic exercise is all the exercise you need to keep your weight under check.

The truth: “A traditional aerobic exercise program might help you to lose weight at first, but you will have a hard time keeping it. Muscles burn fat, meaning that the more muscle you have, the more fats you burn even when resting.

The result: You are just going to regain some or all of the weight you lost. In some cases, even more than what you lost.

The solution: Combined aerobics with strength training to improve your muscular fitness. Combining both will greatly increase the chance to maintain your level of lean body mass.

Myth #2: You can lose more fat when you’re sweating more.

The truth: Exercising under extreme heat, humidity, or in “rubberized” clothing, will help you to lose weight. However, when you eat and/or drink, you will regain all the pounds you lost quickly.

The result: You can lose weight, but this can lead to heat injury. When you exercise in rubberized clothing or by doing exercises in extreme heat you are powerless to control your internal (core) temperature.

The solution: The first thing that you should be doing before exercising is to weigh yourself. After you complete your exercise routine, you need to drink 16 ounces of water for every pound you lost during exercise. You need to drink it within an hour.

Myth #3: Exercise has this ‘spot reduction’ that can help you to target any areas you want to reduce.

The truth: Even if gym trainers told you that there is a secret in losing those pounds off your belly. It is not true! As you exercise, the body uses fats from all regions of the body.

Myth #4: Muscles will turn to fat when you stop exercising regularly

The truth: Muscles and fats are two different tissues. It is impossible to change one tissue to another tissue. Muscles have a unique property. “Use it or lose it.” If you do not use your muscle, it will shrink.

Myth #5: Losing weight is extremely difficult

The truth: Most people turn to diet whenever they want to lose weight. Most will lose weight, but the problem is that they couldn’t keep it longer. They will just regain all the pounds after they stop dieting.

The solution: Stay away from “dieting”, live a healthy lifestyle instead. You should be aware that any proper fitness program can transform your life into a new, fun healthy lifestyle. Take control of your life and choose the exercise that works for you.

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