Is there such a thing as Bad Food?

Some people too caught up in the idea of “Bad Food and “Good Food”, but the truth is that there are no such things. Both terms are use to describe negative and positive entities and do not apply with food. The idea only started when some people eat food that is unhealthy, and they would say that it is bad for them. Let’s say eating chocolate is a big no for most health conscious guys because of the sugar content contained in chocolates. Now, whenever they eat vegetables or fruits then they say that it is good for them as it has the nutrients needed by the body.

bad food are not actually bad since they are not entities
bad food are not actually bad since they are not entities

If you are one of them who refers good and bad on foods then you should need to change your thinking because you need to eat nutritious food to be healthy while junk food makes you happy. Of course, eating more junk food will make you feel weaker because it does not contain any nutrients, but it does not mean that you have become bad. It is a way to treat yourself so that you will not crave for them and eat a lot when you succumb to your cravings.

Try to listen to what your body is telling you since most of the time, your body knows what is going on and wants you to do something about it. You can see a lot of diet books in the market and most of them promise results. However, not all of them will work for you since people are individual. It does not mean that once a diet works for some then it will surely work for you. Your body knows more than most doctors, nutritionist since it feels the pain.

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