Motivation – The Key to Fitness Training

Everyone has the power to get in better shape, but not everyone can succeed to get in better shape. What the difference between them? Though, you want to get in shape, there is still this one crucial key to get yourself in better shape. You need to have the motivation to get yourself going on your fitness endeavor for a long time. Having the right fitness equipment, workout clothing, and proper nutrition aren’t enough to succeed in your weight loss endeavor. What is the missing factor here? Self motivation, you need to be motivated to keep on with your exercise routine and diet for months. Though, most fitness trainers would say that they could change your body within weeks, sad to say, this is far from the truth! No exercise program can provide you with the body that you have been dreaming off in just a matter of weeks. Even with a strict diet, it is still impossible, to achieve.

fitness training
fitness training


To get in better shape, there are two separate areas of exercise that needs addressing. Cardiovascular exercise and weight training, both can lead to your desired results, but both in tandem are a far more effective way of losing fat and gaining muscle mass. Combining the two forms of exercises creates the best program for you! Cardiovascular exercise, such as running, swimming, or bicycling, should be done at a high intensity for a nonstop period. Meaning that your heart rate should be raised by at least 40 beats per minute, which is approximately twice the increase that moderate walks will provide for a period of at least half an hour. Though, you an easily do it every day, you should take one or two days rest per week to allow the body to regenerate and heal minor injuries or stresses.

Weight lifting shouldn’t be done as often as possible since the body regenerates its broken muscle tissue while at rest. Weight lifting should be limited to thrice a week! Don’t lift weight that is too heavy for you. With the help, of a professional, personal trainer, you can know how much weight you can lift easily; thus preventing any injuries in the process.

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