How watching TV affects Weight Loss and What should we do About it?

Watching television and weight loss contrary to one another, which mean the more people watch the more likely they will become obese or overweight. At the same time, they will find it more difficult to lose weight. The sedentary lifestyle that is connected with television while watching television makes it difficult for an overweight person to lose weight.

guy watching TV
guy watching TV

How much television do you watch? Some people think of watching television as a job. Television is the least active form of entertainment that you can find around the house. What you do with it while watching also affects your weight? People watch it as they lie on a couch or sit in a lounge chair. There is less interactivity whenever watching television, even if you yell at it won’t respond.

Lying or sitting down while watching TV burns very few calories. It can be compared to sleeping. The body doesn’t need to do anything since it is resting. Standing while watching television burn more calories, but the problem lies there. Who would want to watch their favorite show while standing?

There isn’t much to do as you watch your favorite program. Some people eat and drink while watching. Perhaps, you could be healthier if you eat vegetables and drank water. But who does that? People tend to eat chips and drink soft drink while watching their TV show.

Tips that would limit the impact of television on weight loss

You don’t need to stop watching your favorite show just so you could lose weight. All it takes are few simple adjustments and you are on your way to losing weight.

  1. Replace some television time with that requires more of your attention. Play board games or even video games that force you to use your brain more often, thus limiting needless eating and drinking.
  2. Stand while watching the show once awhile. Moving promotes blood flow and let you use a few extra calories.2.
  3. During your free time, cut up vegetables and fruit into bite size morsels. It can satisfy your need for a snack while watching your desired show without tallying a few pounds.
  4. Try to limit time spent watching TV to less than two hours a day. Have a walk outside your house or do anything that would require you to stay away from the television. You may be amazed to find out that some activities more entertaining than watching television.


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