Myth Buster! The Truth about The Biggest Loser Exercise

What does the reality show, The Biggest Loser promotes? This is the most popular show about losing weight and millions of people watch show almost every time it airs. They can easily relate since most people aren’t exercising, as well. They found the motivation in the show.

The Biggest Loser
The Biggest Loser

However, the show isn’t safe at all and sends disturbing messages to the fans. First of all, they make it look like getting into shape an overwhelming scheme. Some people don’t have the time to work out all day. We need to go to the office to make a living! An average person couldn’t simply pay a personal trainer so he stays on the couch, cozy in his conviction that he can’t afford the time or money to get fit.

Another problem about the reality show is the safety issues. Pushing obese contestant to their limits can end up risking their medical complications. For example, on one of the season opener were forced to run a prescribed distance on the beach in the hot sun. They rised to the challenged and pressed on in spite of nearly collapsing. As expected, one woman collapsed at the finished of the run and wind up in a hospital for a week. Also, there was a man who had been administered with oxygen as they were monitoring the vital sign.

Extreme weight loss only works for a short time. There is no short cut to getting fit. The best approach is still the slow and steady pace. You need to turn it as a lifestyle. Eating healthy and regularly exercise should be administered. This habit will help you get fit for life and not just for a short period of time.

Embrace a realistic plan. Try to incorporate:

  • Exercise that is not only accessible, but also convenient and efficient
  • A routine that works for you easy to keep up
  • Safe and simple workouts that can be done at the comfy of your home without using exercise machines
  • Gradual progression: start with little exercise and add as you gain stronger
  • Building blocks of fitness: Mount up on exercise in brief bouts during the day

You can reap many benefits just by becoming more active compared to living a sedentary lifestyle . Treat it as an “”activity” instead of “workout” and find ways to spread some activity into every day. Your lifestyle should be full of short bursts of exercise in order to pump up your heart rate, burn calories and remained strong!

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