4 Myths that surrounds Cellulite and Recommended Exercises to get rid of it


Some people get confuse when it comes to understanding what cellulite is and how to get rid of it. Most of the manufacturers claim that their product is the answer to those cellulite problems. Does it actually work? Some experts found believe that the best solution is to know the root cause of cellulite and doing something about the root cause.


Myth 1: Cellulite Is a Special Type of Fat.
Some people think of cellulite as a special type of fat. It looks like an odd, cottage cheese. The reason for getting its problematic shape is that the connective tissue that holds the fat in place is honey-combed shaped. As people get older the connective tissue looses it’s flexibility that allows the fat deposits to bulge through. This is why it looks that way.
Cellulite is simply fat deposits like any other type of body fat. Hence, it can be treated just like any other type of fat.
Myth 2: Only Overweight People Get Cellulite.
Most people assumed that since they got a thin body, they won’t get cellulite. This is where they are wrong as cellulite is also a problem for slender women, as well.
Myth 3: Nothing Can Get Rid of Cellulite.
Some women tend to believe that they can’t do anything to get rid of cellulite after using a few products to get rid of cellulite. Some women were successful at getting rid of fat through exercises. I will share some exercises to get rid of cellulite in this article later.
Myth 4: Liposuction Are the Only Way to Cure Cellulite.
Any medical procedure that promises to remove fat can only remove fat. Liposuction may reduce the fat around the cellulite, but the problem would still remain.

Now that, you know some myths about cellulite, I am going to share some exercises to get rid of cellulite. These exercises composed of movements that use the muscles around your problem areas. Here, are some recommended exercises for removing cellulite:
– squats
– leg lifts standing up
– leg lifts lying down on your side
– lunges
– the plank
– simply squeezing your bottom or thighs together


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