The Myth about Cardio for Weight Loss

People get confused because of the backslash between conventional long duration aerobics and cardio workout sessions.

Exercising for 30-minutes or longer has long been accepted to burn fats for most weight lost programs. But new optional workout programs support short bursts of intensity for workouts lasting less than 20-minutes.

cardio for weight loss
cardio for weight loss

The 20-minute barrier

After minutes of workout, the body starts to burn fat. Before the 20-minutes barrier, the body only burns the carbs that we have eaten. Though, this seems to be good for burning those fats off your body, there is also a controversy in it.

Believer of shorter workout lengths, such as Dr Al Sears who developed the PACE® 12-Minute Program, have faith how the body adapts to burning fat during workouts by making more fats prior to the next exercise session. The body will make more fats when it feels it is depleted.

Of course, people who want to lose weight would never want to make fat.

The science for shorter workouts upholds the belief that keeping the session at 20-minutes or less BEFORE it enters the “fat-burning” period helps the muscle to further develop.

Muscle burn fat so by having more muscles you burn more fats while you rest. The body also didn’t feel the urge to replace the fat loss, unlike conventional long workout programs.

Despite the fact that there are a number of short, intense workout programs that last for 7-15 minutes, care should be implemented when pickling a program that provides recovery between these short bursts of intensity. An intense workout need some rest period before you proceed to the net workout. Intense training puts your heart and lung in strains that weaken the organs rather than strengthen them.

Aside from exercising, a weight loss program should also consist of eating the right food in the right proportion.


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