Why Women should engage themselves in Strength Training


There are some women who engage themselves with weight training and bodybuilding exercises because they like the challenges of the sport and believe that they could obtain the great benefits of this form of fitness exercise. Both forms of exercise can be performed with weight training machines, free weights, and body weight exercises.

strength training for woman
strength training for woman

In the old days, weight training, strength training and bodybuilding was for men only, most women tend to shy away from these forms of exercise since it builds large muscles. However, within the last few decades, more and more women become aware of the benefits that the exercises could do to their body. Weight and strength training has gained popularity, but there are still some women who are afraid to perform this kind of exercises.

Some people believe that muscle strength training only leads to a bigger muscle. Since most women, would not like having a bigger muscle, they tend to skip strength training in their routine. This is the reason why there are still women who stay away from strength training.

The whole thing is really peculiar since the exercise method that can give them the very result that they desire is achieved by the type of exercise that many women avoid. If you will going to ask any women, they would tell you that they would want to lose fat. By increasing the strength of the major muscle groups, a woman will also increase her metabolic rate which means more calories are being used at all times. Muscle can burns more calorie. As the muscle grew bigger, the metabolism also increases that will result in a reduction of body fat.

There are some women who engage themselves in weight training workouts, but fail to work as hard as they should and end up getting little benefit from their exercise efforts.

This may be surprising for some people, but strength training for women should not be significantly different than it is for men. Both men and women have the same muscle structure. Their functionality is just the same for both sexes. Both sexes can develop stronger muscle that has beneficial benefits such as increased metabolism, increased athletic performance, body fat reduction and improved physical capabilities.

Testosterone levels are what separate the two men from women. Testosterone is the hormone responsible for having bulky muscles. Women don’t have as much testosterone on their body compared to men. This explains why women won’t develop bigger muscles the same as men even if they work very hard. The only way that women can develop bulky muscles is by using some drug enhancing testosterone.


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