Why Strength Training is the Missing Link among Women?

Do you think that strength training is beneficial for women? I do believe that strength training should be foremost among women as they hold a key component that had been lost for years.

strength training for women
strength training for women

Most women only do cardio workout and stays away from resistance training in their workout routine.

And while cardio or aerobic exercise is vital for your heart and lung health and helps to burn g some body fat. It is still not the secret to long-lasting weight loss. The answer still lies with strength training.

The reason is straightforward; muscle is the most metabolically active tissue in the body, meaning that it burns calories even at rest. As you add resistance training to your workout and keeps on committing with it for the long haul you are building and adding lean muscle tissue to your body.

Though, you seem to be like others who strut all day with cardio workouts, you have one clear advantage over them. You’re a calorie-burning machine!

Doing just cardio the whole time makes you thinner because you lose muscle mass as time went on. This means that there is no muscle to burn those calories off your body while you sleep.

This gives women a good reason to do strength training as it is needed for loosing pounds and keeping the weight to a controllable level. A muscle can be compared to a furnace within your body that burn more calories every single day.

Other than that, strength training also helps maintain strong bones and good posture as we age. Osteoporosis is one problem that we shouldn’t neglect as we grow older.

Though diet, has something to do with this, we can’t take out strength training out of the equation. Resistance training is critical for maintaining strong bones and great posture in life.

Ladies don’t like to have bulky muscles, but you don’t have to worry about having it since it isn’t on your genetic make-up.

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