Scientific Principles Behind Strength Training – part 1

This topic is simply too large so I decided to make it a two-part article. But, don’t worry since you don’t have to wait for long since I am going to post the other article as soon I’m finished with it.


strength training principles
strength training principles

People who are into strength training since to be increasing every year and some of them doesn’t know the principles of strength training. This is why I decided to talk about strength training.

Here, are the six Guidelines for Strength Training that some program had been neglecting:

1. Limited Energy Levels.

Our energy level has a limit so use it wisely. The programmes should be short and straightforward to ensure you maximize what you can get out of your training session.

Blood sugar levels (energy) can only be use within 30 minutes so the exercises you include in your training session and the amount of time it takes to complete them is extremely crucial.

You must focus on stimulating as many muscle fibers as possible in the finite time available whilst strength training.

Don’t use all your energy on your training session, the body needs the extra energy to repair and heal itself. Training to exhaustion not recommended as it might do you more harm than good.

So, there is always a need a work out session especially designed for you. The session needs to work out every muscle in that session. But, don’t forget that you need to do it in just 30 minutes before your blood sugar starts to drop.

2. Select Exercises for Intensity

The exercises you choose when creating your strength training sessions is important. Though, some people have a lot of exercises, let them be as different needs different exercises. Focus on yourself instead. In general, only a few exercises needed in one session so start creating your routine based on that principle.

Contrary to exercises that concentrate to isolate single muscle groups, movements that use a variety of muscle groups are far superior for strength training. This is because the body has to work a lot harder to perform these exercises than it does for isolation exercises.

3. Training Frequency

Maybe, you have read bodybuilding books and magazines advising their readers to exercise 5 times a week. Forget about it, those advise are for body builders who have been working out in the gym for years. For a starter, you just need to exercise three times a week to see the benefit of strength training.

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