It is true that Heavy Strength Training build Muscle Mass?

Many fitness trainees don’t believe in the potential of heavy strength training for building muscle mass. I know what I am talking about since I have been there before. Even when I was in college, I got engaged in heavy strength training as I have been pushing myself to limit.

man doing heavy strength training
man doing heavy strength training

As I already mentioned before that I used to train myself like an athlete even though, I am not an athlete. Now that, I am older, I lift heavier things than I used to when I was in college. Since I have been lifting heavy weights since I was still in college, it is just natural that my body has a lot of muscle mass. However, not all people who lift heavy weights can grow muscle mass. Some, simply aren’t lucky enough to grow them. Some of the guys that in the same gym that I workout has been lifting the same amount of weights for years, but aren’t successful to gain the muscle mass that they want.

What are they missing?

I notice that most of them stuck with the same weight that they have been lifting since they started going to gyms. They don’t bother about challenging themselves. If you want to build muscle mass then, you need to eat protein and lift heavier objects. Don’t worry about not being able to lift the weight as you will have the strength to lift it one day, if you aren’t going to stop from training. To make it exact, you force the body to grow muscle when you challenge yourself to lift heavier objects than you used to lift.

The muscle grows bigger as it got used to lifting heavy weights. This process is called muscle hypertrophy.

When building muscle mass, heavy strength training is the most efficient strategy in building muscle mass.

What makes heavy strength training very efficient? You need to concentrate on what you’re doing for a short time. The less time you need to concentrate, the higher chances you got to exert 100% of your capabilities within a particular set and all through your whole workout. This is the reason why Heavy Strength Training is vital to Build Muscle Mass as quickly as your genetic makeup allows.

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