Advance Tips to Get Stronger Faster

For someone, who never goes to a gym, the bodybuilding and strength training are the just the same thing. At least, that is what I am, when I first got to the gym. And maybe, that is the same reason why; my body seems to get bigger and bigger.


In bodybuilding, the muscle need to be broken down. This can be achieved through rigorous training such as performing reps till you can’t anymore. The goal is to burn and pump in the muscle, which means that you need to force yourself to exercise. You need to take advantage of the fact that muscle repairs itself while sleeping. Whenever muscle fibers are damage, the body repairs it and make it stronger, so it won’t be damage again.

Strength Training

Engaging in strength training means that you don’t need to break the muscle down; rather, you need it to be more efficient. The idea of strength training is to develop the nervous system, so you can send more impulse to the muscle. Exercise should focus on lifting heavy weights with less repetition.


get stronger faster
Things don’t get easier, you just get stronger.

Here are some tips to get stronger

  • Heavy Weights let you train your nervous system better

A 10 pound weight won’t be enough to train the nervous system because it won’t present a challenge to the muscle. With a 40 pound weight, you need to exert more effort to lift it, therefore, you can’t perform lots of repetition. That is why; strength training is based on doing less repetitions.

  • Number of sets and reps

You would need to fire up your impulses to be able to work out the nervous system. There is such a thing as a mind-muscle link in strength training and you can achieve it through less repetition with more weights. Gaining strength is a skill and it needs to be practice repetitively to make it work. Each set should be 2 – 5 reps; you need to do lots of set.

  • Train to Failure?

This is not an option if your goal is to gain strength. There is no need to overexert yourself if you want to be stronger. If you are training to failure then you can expect a weaker impulses the next time you are exercising since your body is use to it.


  • Plenty of Rest

Bodybuilders strive harder to exhaust their muscle, so rest should be lower than 5 minutes. Strength training is different as you aim to send the maximum number of impulse sent the muscle. You can’t send strong impulses if your muscle is tired.


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