Resistance Machines, Do we really need them in Strength Training?

Most people prefer to engage themselves in strength training, but other people prefer bodybuilding. Both type of exercise has their pros and cons. You can achieve your desired goal depending on your preferences.

resistance machine
resistance machine

A lot of people went to the gym; perform the same routine, session after session. They target their chest and arms, the next shoulders and your back, then a leg and abs workout but could there be better ways to work your body.

Would you like those bulky muscles with some explosive natural power?

Would you like to improve, not only your athletic ability, but also your fitness, endurance and strength all at the same time?

I believe that strength training can easily be done at home, where there are no available no resistance machines.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not against using machines as I do used them whenever I go the gym, but I’m just pointing out that some people thinks that they can’t workout because they don’t have the time to go to the gym.

Resistance machines are not only way to strengthen your muscles, there are also free weights and bodyweights that could give the same resistance that you are getting from resistance machines.

Resistance machines, free weights, and body weight all have the same effect on our muscles. They can help you release the growth hormones and testosterone into the body which leads to big gains in muscle growth.

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