5 Exercise Ideas that are Myths


The only way to lose weight is by dispelling some unhealthy ‘ideas’ you may have about exercise. So here are some wrong ideas about exercises:

IDEA 1: Exercising with my own body weight will make me bigger!

body weight
body weight

Using your own bodyweight will never make you bigger. It is not enough to stimulate the muscles to grow bigger. Women have a slim chance of building bigger muscles because they only have a low level of growth hormone. Instead of growing bulky muscles, you will simply have long and lean muscles. The more lean tissue you possess, the higher your metabolism will become and the more fat your body can burn. The result is that you would become slimmer.

IDEA 2: Exercise is boring!

Exercise is never boring. Firstly, if you don’t live in the moment and be conscious of what you are doing and how it feels, you will never warm to the idea. Secondly, if you persist in doing the same exercises, day-in day-out, with no change in resistance or order, you’re going to get tired of what you are doing, which eventually result to you giving up.

IDEA 3: I don’t have time to exercise!

In this life, we are busy with everything and has not time for a lot of things, but we need to spend a little time for our health since we can’t enjoy our life if we aren’t healthy. Spending some time to be healthy is just like spending some time for our studies when we are younger.

IDEA 4: Exercise hurts!… Doesn’t it?

Exercise can actually hurt you if is not done correctly, push yourself to your limit, even though your just a newbie. The ‘pain’ you felt is a by-product of not concentrating on the exercise that you are doing. Focus on what you so that you can focus on the right position and movements. Don’t overexert yourself so you would not go out of your current fitness levels.

IDEA 5: I don’t know where to start or what to do!

If you don’t have a clue on where to go, then a fitness Camp is the only way to go. Such a program is your way in improving fitness and better nutrition, hopefully seen from a new perspective, mentally. Everything is taken care of. You gain social support and knowledge of what does and doesn’t work for fat loss. It’s up to you to use them to the best of your ability…

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