The Truth about Man Boobs Exercises

If you are one of the guys who have man boobs then this article is for you. Perhaps, the biggest mistake that you could do is to believe in spot reduction. Spot reduction is the theory that you can target certain body part to lose weight or reduce that body part. If this actually works then it will be easier, but that is not the case.


a guy displaying man boobs
a guy displaying man boobs

Despite many people knowing that spot reduction is just a myth; gym trainers and health experts seem to be using it on their weight loss program. They use it so that they could make money from people who wanted to lose weight. Sorry to say, you will just be disappointed as there is no way that this belief can help you to reduce your weight.

To burn those chest fats off your body, you need to exercise in a way that will speed up your metabolism. To accomplish this, divide the exercise routine into two parts – half an hour of strength training and 20 minutes of interval training.

Concentrate on the body movements for the strength training part. Some of the popular bodyweights are squats, lunges, pulls, pushes etc., but you can also use dumbbell and exercise balls in your workout. Exercise machines are not for you as they limit the movement of the muscles. Resistances training using the body’s own weight are far more effective than using machines. Since you are working different muscle groups and joints at the same time, the body gets energize both metabolically and hormonally. This will turn your body into a fat burning machine.

For the interval training part, do short periods of high intensity activity followed by similarly lengthy periods of recovery for 10 to 20 minutes. If you like jogging then you can try sprinting, otherwise use the treadmill. You can also use interval training in exercise bike. Interval training is known as discontinuous exercise. For example, you can run fast for the first five minutes then after that you can walk for a few minutes. Perform this repetitively for three to five times in 30 minutes

Interval training is to be performed after the strength training so that your body’s metabolism will be in an intense mode. This causes the body to burn more fats after the workout and this will lead to weight loss eventually.

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