Exercise Myths that are totally bogus


When it comes to health, everyone seems to be knowledgeable. Most of the people will tell what they know about being healthy. Because what is stated earlier, separating fact from myth becomes harder, since most myths presented as facts. Below are some myths presented as facts:

woman stretching
woman stretching

Myth: Stretch Before Exercising

Some people would tell you that you need to do stretching before any exercise, but this is the wrong way approach to stretching since it can cause injury and affects performance. Stretching should be done after warm exercises as it can prepare the muscle for strenuous workouts; also preventing injuries that you might experience during exercises.

Myth: Strength Training Causes Women be Bulkier

Women tend to avoid strength training because they believe that it can make them bigger. The truth is that women can never develop large muscles unless they are using some drug that makes them bigger. Women don’t have enough testosterone level in their body – testosterone is a hormone for growing those huge muscles that can be commonly found on men. Strength training only result to a faster metabolism and stronger bones.

Myth: Performing Crunches Eliminates Abdominal Fat

A lot of people believe that they could reduce the size of their abdomen by performing crunches or other abdominal exercises. If you really want to see your abdomen reduced then the overall fat must be reduced, overall fat can only be reduced through a combination of strength training and cardiovascular workout.

Myth: Drink at Least Eight Glasses of Water Each Day

This myth might be applicable during our grandparents’ time since some of them don’t drink enough water, but this is the twenty first century and we need to update ourselves. Back in the old days, some people don’t drink other beverages such as juice, coffee and soda; these beverages can satisfy our thirst.

However, there are special cases that we must drink eight or more glasses. For instance, you are suffering from diabetes; you need to replace your body fluid more often than usual since you are urinating most of the time. Other cases wherein you need to drink more water are living in a hot climate, and exercising.

Myth: Pain During Exercise Produces Results

We could really undergo muscle soreness after one day of working out. However, we shouldn’t experience anything like it when we are exercising. Pain felt during exercise is often indicative of injury and can be caused by exercising improperly or over exercising.

Myth: Soothe Muscle Soreness With a Hot Bath

The blood vessels dilate and become wider when exercising. Though, we felt comfort every time we are sitting in warm water, it is not the best way to get rid of muscle soreness. Relaxing on chilled water is more recommended because cold water causes blood vessels to narrow, which decreases any waste products that can build up in muscles.

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